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Luxor is, a city of diverse culture, with a thousand wonders waiting to be discovered. Since the nineteenth century Nile steamers have been bringing tourists to visit the remains of Thebes and Luxor is now one of the greatest tourist destinations in Africa..

Luxor town itself is the home to Luxor Temple, and just a few km to the north lies the Karnak Temple complex. Across the river on the West Bank are the tombs and mortuary temples of the Theban Necropolis. Renowned not only for its culture but for the hospitality of its people Luxor never fails to leave an inspiring and lasting impression on its visitors.

The architecture of our property at Luxor Properties reflects a traditional Egyptian style while at the same time combining all the comforts of modern living. All of our beautiful properties in Luxor are situated in the heart of the city or in the villages of the West Bank. You will have an ideal base to explore all the cultural sites and experience the local society as well as having all the conveniences you need on your doorstep including banks, shops, restaurants and local markets.

Luxor, is today, one of the greatest open air museums in the world as well as being a bustling town with modern amenities.. Whether you are looking to rent, buy or build a private residential property or seeking a commercial outlet, you will find what you are dreaming of in Luxor.

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